The Complete Hospitality CLIQPOS

The Complete Hospitality CLIQPOS

On-site dining, takeaway or delivery? You Choose. Adapt & thrive with an CLIQPOS system that makes it all possible.

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The Complete Hospitality POS Solution

Whether you run a pub, restaurant, café or takeaway, get it working faster and smarter with a complete POS system.

Syncronise your front & back of house to increase sales and table turnover

Integrate with major food delivery apps to win more customers & drive revenue

Access your data 24/7 from any device, to make smarter business decisions

Drive repeat business and loyalty via CRM & promotions

Accept all types of payments quickly and securely

POS system, cash till, and printer included - everything you need to manage your restaurant​.

Offer greater choice with online ordering, delivery & pay-at-table​

Connect with major food delivery apps, and introduce online ordering & pay-at-table services, to offer your customers more.

Offer takeout and delivery options to create & meet demand

Future-proof your business with a multi-channel solution

Consolidate all orders through your POS & send them straight to your kitchen

Sell anywhere and everywhere with the Epos Pocket

Use a handheld device to offer a faster, safer, and more attentive customer experience.

Make sales from anywhere to speed up service

Take stock in minutes, not hours, with an in-built camera

Minimize interactions between staff, eliminate physical receipts, and put an end to long lines at the till

Increase accuracy, and ensure that your customers get exactly what they want. On-time, every time

Save time and reduce wastage with smarter stock control

You should be spending minutes, not hours, on your stock takes. That’s why we’ve built a stock management system that gives you complete visibility over your inventory – at the touch of a button.

Track inventory real-time, right down to ingredient level

Automate purchase orders and stock levels so you never run out of what you need

Minimize cash-flow tied up in stock

Establish drink recipes & ingredients to reduce over-pouring

Manage stock between multiple locations


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Let’s get started

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