Join the Retail Revival

Join the Retail Revival

Bounce back as a true  retailer with the complete CLIQPOS solution. 

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We can help grow your traffic, sales, and customer base

The Complete Retail POS Solution

One POS system that sits at the centre of your retail operation. Manage your stock, staff, sales, data and payments from anywhere. ​

Onboard and train staff in minutes​

Track margin data to identify your most profitable products​

Seamlessly add ecommerce, Click & Collect or delivery ​

Save hours of time with automated, real-time stock counts​

Ideal for clothing, vape, convenience, grocery, gift shop and more

CliqPOS system, cash till, and printer included, everything you need to trade.​

Know what's selling, and what's not

Say goodbye to time-consuming stock takes, and easily manage your online and in-store inventory from a single EPOS system.

Track single item performance so you can forecast with accuracy

Receive stock alerts so you never miss a selling opportunity

Easily add, edit and bundle items to create new revenue opportunities

Create automatic purchase orders so you never run out of stock

Full barcode management. Import, update and manage 1,000s of products

Open your store to the world​

Building an online presence has never been more important. Integrate with leading ecommerce platforms to increase sales, while remaining in sync with how your customers want to shop.​

Create a fully-loaded online store with BigCommerce

Manage your online and physical stores from one place​

Track your online orders and in-store purchases together​

Create automatic purchase orders so you never run out of stock

Offer safety and convenience with Click & Collect services​

Integrate with over 100 apps, including leading accountancy and CRM tools

Limited time offer - get BigCommerce FREE for three months


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Let’s get started

Let’s get started

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