Build a multichannel experience with Ecommerce

Build a multichannel experience with Ecommerce

Open your store to the world by combining CLIQPOS easy-to-use POS and Inventory management with the best ecommerce platforms on the planet. Manage your online and in-store operations from one place while launching your brand into new markets.

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Centralize your inventory

Manage your in-store and online product catalog from CLIQPOS. All of your quantities, prices, shipping statuses and more in CLIQPOS will be automatically synced to your ecommerce platform.


Sync your inventory levels with your online store

Publish products online directly from CLIQPOS

View online orders alongside in-store purchases

Ship products faster

Get online orders into the hands of your customers faster by fulfilling them straight from CLIQPOS. View order statuses without jumping between apps, so your team can take action and get it shipped immediately.


Check order statuses as they come in

Enable Click & Collect for your physical outlets (Available via APIs)

Fulfill orders directly from CLIQPOS

Convert more customers

Get one view of your customers across your in-store and online channels. Use customer data with add-ons like Marsello to run targeted marketing campaigns wherever they interact with your brand.


Sync customer details between your store and online platform

Target your customers with different offers based on where they shop

Build email automations and loyalty campaigns with Marsello


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Let’s get started

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