Build the Restaurant of Tomorrow, Today

Build the Restaurant of Tomorrow, Today

Evolve your business using the power of CLIQPOS technology. Find more ways to satisfy customers by offering simplified tableside ordering, delivery, contactless payments and more.

The leading restaurant point of sale system and software, now

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Restaurant management for the future

Protect your business no matter what the future brings. Our CLIQPOS system for restaurants gives you the tools you need to stay ahead in an evolving industry.

Limit contact and improve efficiency with tableside ordering and contactless payments

Reduce touchpoints and increase table turnover with customizable floor plans and intuitive table management

Easily connect to major ordering and delivery apps to create new revenue streams and meet customer expectations

Track inventory, calculate costs and profit, simplify reordering and integrate with leading accounting software

Leverage powerful sales reports on any device to boost profitability, reduce wastage and improve employee efficiency

Our all-in-one restaurant solution includes the CLIQPOS terminal, cash drawer, and printer.

Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

Streamline service, enhance communication, and take the complexity out of managing orders.

Track time-at-table and manage floor plans in real-time to boost table turnover

Eliminate costly errors with automated ordering and seamless communication

Streamline back of house operations with a comprehensive Kitchen Display System

Group by course and order type to speed up preparation and reduce customer wait times

Serve safely and swiftly with the CLIQPOS Pocket

Use a handheld device to offer guests a faster, safer, and more attentive customer experience.

Minimize floor traffic, eliminate physical receipts, and put an end to long lines at the till

Inside, outside, or curbside: take orders from anywhere to speed up service

Maximize upsell opportunities by freeing up your waiting staff to spend more time with guests

Speed up service and increase covers with fast, hassle-free service

Increase accuracy, and ensure that your customers get exactly what they want. On-time, every time

Save time and eliminate waste with smart stock control

Spend less time taking stock, and more time managing your restaurant. With CLIQPOS Now, it only takes a few minutes to get a handle on your inventory.

Track inventory right down to ingredient level

Automate purchase orders and use low stock warnings so you never run out of what you need

Protect your bottom line with accurate stock control

Minimize cash flow tied up in stock

Manage inventory and track stock levels between multiple locations


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Let’s get started

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